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Fellow Househeads

Platinum Radio London (PRL) is a house movement and leading online radio station, playing the very best in underground house music. An amazing family of like-minded DJs has been assembled from around the globe, bringing you deep, tech, funky, soulful, nu-disco and old skool house flavours.

The PRL family is a true brotherhood. The DJs perform, go out and even holiday together. This ensures a unique cohesive brand of music delivered to you the listener. Aside from being some of the busiest and best house DJs and presenters around, several of the PRL team are prolific producers in their own right signed to major and independent labels alike.


mix and twist

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The Schedule

We have over 30 DJs on the books at Platinum Radio London. The new look schedule for Platinum Radio London DJ/Presenters who are currently playing live shows on PRL. Live DJs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

The amazing house music doesn’t stop there though, with premium selected DJ mixes recorded by some of the most prolific DJs from across the globe as well as DJs from the PRL brotherhood. The mixes are updated regularly to keep your listening experience fresh. Keep it locked the right way!

The emphasis always has and always will be on quality. Have you got what it takes to become a PRL DJ/Presenter and want to join this unique brotherhood.



6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – AutoDJ
12-2pm – AutoDJ
2-4pm – Nocturnal Wax
4-6pm – Lambo
6-8pm – John Wilding
8-10pm – dPet
10-12am – Dubplate Fresh


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – Thomas Allan
12-2pm – DJ Etayo JD
2-4pm – AutoDJ
4-6pm – DJ DODDS
6-8pm – Marc Dicks
8-10pm – Waby
10-12am – DJ Chris White


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – DJ Chris White
12-2pm – Auto DJ
2-4pm – AutoDJ
4-6pm – AutoDJ
6-8pm – AutoDJ
8-11pm -AutoDJ
11pm-4am – Alessandro Vacca (LIVE from the Solstice)


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – Kesh Chandra
12-2pm – AutoDJ
2-4pm – AutoDJ
4-6pm – AutoDJ
6-8pm – Matt Clover
8-10pm – Chris Saunders
10-12am – AutoDJ

have you got what it takes
Have you got what it takes.

Last weeks best!

I only heard the last half hour live, which made me jump onto mixcloud to catch the full recording and I was pleased to hear the first 1 1/2 hours was every bit as good as the last half hour making this deeeeep set from Etayo JD the best of last weeks shows. An awesome job and worth a listen back.

The Chatroom

Your chance to chat with the DJs and other visitors to the website. Ask questions or leave comments. All we ask is that you are respectful to each other and enjoy the music…

Don’t forget we are always on the look out for talented DJ/Presenters to join our ranks so get your applications in via the contact page. Also we are keen to engage with our visitors and are also looking for house music crazy creative writers who would like to contribute to the website and get their words in front of the thousands of regular visitors to this site from around the globe.

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