Idokodo is formed of two lifelong friends and a crack team of the very best bench joiners in the land!

Primarily and what they are famed for is their outstanding DJ furniture, most notably their DJ desks. The three desks in the current range comprise of The Reviewer, The Chameleon, and The Chameleon Signature.

The Reviewer being the entry level, the Chameleon, a beautifully sleek version using a combination of materials and then we come to the ultimate, the Chameleon Signature. The top of the range DJ desk used by Defected Records, Analog DJ Agency, DJ Mag and may more high profile clients and DJs.

This up and coming company has already made big waves in the industry and has been met by critical acclaim. Keep your eye on these guys though as they do not stand still, and have some exciting products in production. We will update here when we have any further info and pics. In the meantime check them out below!


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