Since it’s inception over three years ago, we at Platinum Radio London have been steadily compiling some of the best international house DJs playing the very best in house music across the sub genres. From the countless audition mixes we have selected the perfect blend which make’s this station your go to source of house music. We will not compromise on quality!

We have split your weekly listening into two parts. The live section which runs from Thursday morning (GMT) – Sunday evening (GMT). This will feature the afore mentioned DJs playing live delivering you their show every week. Sunday midnight to Thursday morning (GMT) we focus on bringing you the best house mixes from PRL DJs as well as some of the finest house music talent from around the world recorded exclusively for Platinum Radion London.

live djs

6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – AutoDJ
12-2pm – AutoDJ
2-4pm – Nocturnal Wax
4-6pm – Lambo
6-8pm – Dan Auty
8-10pm – Townsend
10-12am – AutoDJ


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – Thomas Allan
12-2pm – DJ Etayo JD
2-4pm – Cooops
4-6pm – DJ DODDS
6-8pm – DJ Mathew B
8-10pm – DJ MikeSolus
10-12am – DJ Chris White


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – DJ Chris White
12-2pm – Auto DJ
2-4pm – Electric Underground
4-6pm – Waby
6-8pm – AutoDJ
8-10pm – dPet
10-12am – AutoDJ


6-10am – Chill Out with PRL
10-12pm – Kesh Chandra
12-2pm – Mike Solus
2-4pm – AutoDJ
4-6pm – AutoDJ
6-8pm – Matt Clover
8-10pm – Chris Saunders
10-12am – AutoDJ

Auto Mix

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