The Brotherhood
the brotherhood

What is the brotherhood?

You’ll be glad you asked. There are other online house radio stations, some of them are actually quite good! But are they brotherhoods? What is a brotherhood? To us the brotherhood (and sisterhood) is a collection of like minded house heads. We do our shows to a truly global audiences, but it goes much further than that. We also gig together, party together and even holiday together. We share experiences and ideas as well as knowledge and support.

What we do though insist on though is quality. We are looking for high quality DJ/Presenters who play high quality house music. English speaking is a must with strong presentational skills. If this sounds like you, simply fill in the form complete with any links to videos or mixes (preferably with presentation).

You will need suitable Dj Equipment and location top broadcast from, complete with a strong and stable wired ethernet connection. You will use a designated streaming software and will need to be able to send the signal from your equipment from the DJ equipment to the computer you will use to stream your shows. We will cover all the required steps if you are successful with your application.

The benefits

Immediately your shows will be broadcast to a loyal global community often to over 15 different countries. A great foundation for you to build your own following and grow your listener base through fantastic shows which you back up with a strong social media presence.

Since it’s inception over 3 years ago Platinum events have grown in size and frequency. Several of our DJs are also prolific promoters booking DJs such as Mark Knight, Prok & Fitch for the PRL DJs to play alongside. Through Platinum Radio London our Djs have played in events in every corner of the UK as well as venues in Ibiza such as Es Paradis.

PRL DJsYes we even holiday together. For the last three years we have made our yearly pilgrimage to the White Isle. Playing venues, booking villas and having a superb time with a group of top people. Next year we are back to Ibiza for the Clockwork Orange experience. See you there!?

We have a social WhatsApp group which is a great way to get to know the guys as well as a valuable resource for everything from gaining bookings to promoting events and getting technical support etc etc..

You get your own profile page from which you can promote yourself. Our in house designer will also be happy to help you with graphics to support your growth as a DJ.

As you move forward with PRL you will come to understand the opportunity and how valuable the brotherhood is to your progression as a DJ.

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