Kevin Maze

PRL presents the Get Fit Mixes

If you are a regular gym goer then you will know that the key to a prolonged and consistent workout is rhythm. This series of mixes presented by Platinum Radio London and mixed by International DJ Kevin Maze will help you achieve a fulfilling cardio session, keeping a tight musical tempo throughout each mix allowing you to regulate you motion and breathing rhythm. Even if you are pumping free weights, music can inspire and push you one, especially the vibes from Mr Maze!

Dive in to this sublime 30 minute mix from Kevin Maze and get your workout of to a steady start. Enjoy your workout!

Time to step up your workout with this 125bpm 30 min mix from the amazing Kevin Maze. Time to get a sweat on!

This high tempo 30 minute mix is in production. Enjoy the 120bpm and 125bpm mix for now!