DJ Dodds

Hello, I’m DJ DOODS resident on Platinum Radio London every Friday, 4-6pm.

I started my raving days back in the early to mid 90’s where i regular on the Hardcore Rave scene. From here I gained a love of this music and set out to purchase a set of Numark Belt drive Turntables.

From mixing Hardcore I then progressed to Jungle and Drum & Bass. Sharpening my skills, making mix tapes I was lucky enough to be given my first set at the Pleasure Dome in Skegness. Playing along side the likes of DJ SS, Fabio and Grooverider, DJ Randall, Nicky Blackmarket to name a few. DJing at Festivals and regularly playing up and down the country, care free was an amazing experience.

As the times moved on, so did the technology, and slowly but surely clubs were getting rid of Vinyl Turntable and brining in CDJ’s. Unfortunately this limited my scope for playing out and the DJing stopped for a few years. I still attended the clubs and still enjoyed the music, which lead me to make the digital transition, which brings me to the present day – playing on the best underground House Music Station out there, Platinum Radio London.

Special mention to all the PRL DJ’s old and new, thanks for making me feel so welcome.