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DJ Chris White

Chris has always had a passion for music starting out in 1986 playing at popular events such as Fantasy FM at the Michael Sobels centre, Fascination at the Tasco Warehouse to name but a few as well as hosting his own events including Vibes 92 and Absolute Buttocks.

In 1990 Chris released Purro Sesso alongside Joey Bonnington, Dave Motion and Sally Ann-Marsh which had limited success but went on to be remixed by Rocky and Diesel and Boomshanka.

Chris got involved in a couple of joint ventures with culminated with releases with  on Big City Records back in the early 90’s under different aliases.

Chris used to play Hard Core Rave music back in the mid 1980’s and was an ardent DJ throughout this post Summer of Love era. He has obtained a Distinction from the School Of Audio Engineering in 96 and went on to work for Renk Records alongside Junior Hart Assisting in the production of several artist. The label was known for its succession of #1 jungle hits back in the early 90’s with artist like General Levy.

Having had a lifelong passion for music Chris has made a comeback after a rather long sabbatical, to return to the one thing he loves most in life.

More recently Chris White has played Misson Sottoterra, MAZI, Cargo, Lightbox, Hed Kand, Le Plateau, Bar 512 and been a guest on His&Hers

You can read more about Chris White here https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/djchriswhite/

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